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San Pedro Cactus Cutting - Monstruosus 24-29 cm

San Pedro Cactus Cutting - Monstruosus 24-29 cm

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Size: This Cactus is approximately 25 cm long, the size may vary because it is a natural product.
The cactus naturally contains mescaline.

The Monstruosus cacti have NO needles!

The San Pedro cactus is native to Chile, Bolivia, Ecuador and Peru (mainly the Andean region). This cactus is known for its rapid growth. The San Pedro cactus is often used for shamanistic, religious and spiritual applications.

What makes the San Pedro Monstosus cactus so special is that this cactus has no spines. Therefore, the cactus is very unique in its shape.

While it is less famous than Peyote, it grows a lot faster and is therefore infinitely more practical for personal use.

Planting: you can cut a part and plant the fresh cut side on appropriate soil. The cactus will create roots and start growing.

General Information:

San Pedro is a beautiful cactus full of wisdom, also known as Huachuma.

- Use Mescaline-containing cacti only in a safe and trusted environment
- When using the cactus, always have a trip sitter!
- The active substances in the cacti work best on an empty stomach.
- Nausea may occur when using the cacti.
- The cacti can also be taken in the form of tea.
- Use the cactus only in good mental and physical health, prepare carefully with special attention to Set and Setting!


The active ingredient in San Pedro is Mescaline. About 1-2 hours after ingestion, the first effects will occur. After that, you can count on these effects lasting between 8 and 15 hours. A common effect is having enormously sharpened senses so you will hear, feel and perceive much more. Extreme light sensitivity can also occur, allowing you to see and feel rays of light.

Hereby, it is also possible to perceive auras and see people or objects glowing.

Emotions and feelings can also be heavily amplified and easily find a way out. Think pleasure, laughter, screaming, fear and a lot of love for everything living and not living.

If you compare the effects of San Pedro to those of Peyote (another very popular mescaline-containing cactus), they are perceived as more pleasant. The taste of San Pedro is less foul and bitter beforehand, so nausea is less likely to occur. The psychotropic experience is also not as overwhelming as with Peyote. Whereas Peyote sometimes comes in very intense, the San Pedro is actually calmer and less physical.

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